About Bonnie

Bonnie’s philosophy:

The following is from an email I received from Jim Rohn. If we can all live the life he teaches, the world will be a happier, more productive place. –Bonnie Dillon

As a person of integrity yourself, you’ll find it easy to teach integrity to your kids, and they in turn will find it easy to accept you as a teacher. This is a great opportunity and also a supreme responsibility, because kids simply must be taught to tell the truth: to mean what they say and to say what they mean.

Praise is one the world’s most effective teaching and leadership tools. Criticism and blame, even if deserved, are counter productive unless all other approaches have failed.

Now for the other side of the equation — we all know people who have gotten ahead as a result of dishonest or unethical behavior. When you’re a kid, you might naively think that never happens, but when you get older, you realize that it does. Then you think you’ve really wised up. But that’s not the real end of it. When you get older, you see the long-term consequences of dishonest gain, and you realize that in the end it doesn’t pay.

“Hope of dishonest gain is the beginning of loss”. I don’t think that old saying refers to loss of money. I think it actually means loss of self-respect. You can have all the material things in the world, but if you’ve lost respect for yourself, what do you really have? The only way to ever attain success and enjoy it is to achieve it honestly with pride in what you’ve done.

This isn’t just a sermon; it’s very practical advice. Not only can you take it to heart – you can take it to the bank. – Jim Rohn, Business Philosopher

A Sample of Bonnie’s Accomplishments:

#1 Team Production Keller Williams Southwest Region 2004

#5 Top Performing Team in Closed Volume for Keller Williams Realty International 2004

Ranked #17 residential real estate on Phoenix Business Journal’s “The List” for volume closed in 2004

Ranked #14 Top Residential Real Estate Agent in Phoenix for total dollar
volume closed in 2003

#10 realtor in 2003 Southeast Valley Regional Association of Realtors

#1 Top Performing Individual Keller Williams Southwest Region 2002 & 2003

Ranked #50 residential real estate agent on Phoenix Business Journal’s “The List” for number of units closed in 2002

2002 & 2003 Keller Williams Double Diamond Award recipient

Recipient of the Platinum Achievement Award 2001 for Closed Volume

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